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Dr. Mehindru, MD, MBA, Founder & CEO of Exemplary health

“Med Vision has shown a keen reliance on the main tenant of population based medical care. ‘High quality reduces costs’. Their member centric-technology, consulting and point solutions align with my Exemplary Health mission to:
‘Afford access to affordable superior quality integrated healthcare & wellness for the members we serve by leveraging predictive analytics and a robust network of patient-centric healtcare providers.’

"Med-Vision has provided a unique service niche in the data warehousing and analysis arena through the use of health claims data. Snyder's of Hanover has been pleased with the data results which have provided detailed information so that we may better target educational communications with our employee population. The data has provided further insight allowing us to better manage the health plan for our employees through plan design."
Penny Opalka
SPHR, CBP, CCP Manager, Benefits & Compensation, Snyders-Lance
“We've been working with Med-vision for the last couple of years on comprehensive data review and the implementation of value-added products for our medical plans including the Best Doctors medical review service and Biologics oncology management service. While our partnership with Med-vision has produced immediate returns, more importantly we believe it has positioned our program for sustainable success in future years…”
Steve Marcinko
Manager, Employee Health & Benefits, Sarasota County Government
“The truth in healthcare is not about spending more, but in spending wisely. Med-Vision understands that using medical intelligence allows us to re-examine every level of a client’s healthcare plan and identify areas where a minimal investment will reap large rewards. Wasteful spending on inefficient or ineffective programs can be curtailed and money can be reinvested in ways that maximize access to quality care.”
Kathleen Sullivan EVP
Sales, Marketing and Account Management First Service Administrators, Inc.

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