From data analytics and risk assessment to wellness program development and cost management, we provide strategic solutions to optimize your healthcare initiatives. Discover how our services can help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape and achieve your objectives effectively.

Risk Assessment & Business Intelligence

Employee Healthcare is the second highest balance sheet expense for employers. Most lack visibility into procedures purchased, the site of service and costs. Med-Vision utilizes Milliman’s MARA risk predictors to categorize member risk and evaluate point solutions.


Most employer plan sponsors are surprised to see 50% of their plan members only account for 2% of annual claims and 10% spend 70%. We help with strategies designed to prevent the 50% spending nothing from crossing the line into the 10% category accounting for 70% of plan expenditures.

Custom Solutions

Med-Vision data is independent from middleman manipulation thus allowing custom solutions to address actual risk from member populations. Contact us for advice on risk, monitoring, and solutions to mitigate cost while protecting against fiduciary class-action judgements.

The Process

Begins with a close analysis of vendor contracts. Contract provisions will be facilitators of potential financial abuse. Then:

01. Analyzing Financial and Clinical Reports

A review of existing financial & clinical reporting

02. Harnessing Historical Data

Aggregating as many years plan data as possible in analytics platform

03. Unveiling Cost and Disease Drivers

Risk stratify member populations to determine drivers of cost & disease

04. Addressing Disease Risk

Recommend point solutions to mitigate disease risk

Latest Case Studies

Catch up on our latest success stories and real-world applications in healthcare consulting. Explore how our innovative solutions and expert guidance have empowered organizations to overcome challenges, optimize resources, and achieve their goals. Discover firsthand how Med-Vision is making a difference in healthcare management through our compelling case studies.