About Us

Med-Vision’s mission is to deliver the solutions that employer groups need. By reducing healthcare costs and improving quality of care, we empower employers to take better care of the people they employ.

We Employ Latest Research Technology & Company

Starting from the top, Med-Vision can help employers make employee disease prevention, management and wellness a priority and a dynamic part of business success.

Our technology differs from industry standards by:

  • Design—taking raw data fees and aggregating within a true “big-data” lake, not subject to 1970s database limitations—data which answers questions, on clinical risk and financial accuracy.
  • Independent—No insurance companies or consultants manipulation showing what they want you to see. Clients are provided information necessary to manage.
  • Always available, refreshed monthly, no data storage limits.
  • Data to help clients conform to ERISA fiduciary requirements.

Why Choose Us

We work with your current insurance carrier and vendors to create a continuum of care. This ensures your health plan is working at optimal levels for your organization and for your employees. 

Med-Vision delivers technology to employers utilizing the same capabilities as Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. Instant “big-data” querying replacing database programming prior to query. Unlimited data storage, leading security, and point & click ease of use are standard from Med-Vision’s technology partners.

Many advisors claim analytics expertise, yet most are hindered by carrier & vendor relationships negatively influencing transparency. We have seen virtually all the tricks and scams employers become subject to via their vendor relationships. As an example, we discovered a client paying $5,200 per 30-day prescription for a generic cancer medication available to the public for $150. Our research finds employers overpay more than 30% for pharmacy administration.

Many employers fall into the annual trap of believing their plans are inadequately funded. Med-Vision maintains relationships with industry leading vendors focused exactly upon member care and value. As an example, many can move to transparent pharmacy administrators to save 30% and impact overall healthcare cost by a savings of 5%. Incentivizing members via zero deductibles and coinsurance, to utilize high-value surgery options can reduce procedure cost by 300%.

Med-Vision assures employers: “We have zero conflicts of interest.” Our only revenue comes directly from you. No hidden vendor compensation—We promise in writing. Be assured our advice is targeted to exactly conform to your needs.

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Our Expert Team

Get to know the individuals behind our innovative solutions and personalized approach, committed to delivering excellence and driving positive outcomes for our clients.

Dan Ross

Founder and President

Scott Doherty

Vice President, Midwest

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VP Sales