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Healthcare costs are increasingly a crisis concern for self-funded employers. Managers are challenged by not knowing which procedures are being utilized, where purchased and cost paid. Additionally, America’s class-action attorneys are targeting employer leadership charging dereliction of fiduciary duty. Failure to manage cost, quality, and member access to care are automatic violations of fiduciary duty. Med-Vision utilizes independent “big-data” analytics to guide employers to demand consistent value from insurance companies, ASO administrators, third party administrators, hospital systems, PBM’s and advisors. Med-Vision’s experts illuminate employer-specific pathways to allocate current employer & member dollars to accurately target appropriate care to members while minimizing dollar leakage to industry middlemen.

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Empower Your Budget with Smart Healthcare Planning: Navigate Profitability with Expert Guidance.

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Our support includes healthcare data analytics and predictive risk modeling of members to give you 20/20 Healthcare Vision for strategic planning

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Founded in 2005 and based in Tampa Florida, we deliver medical plan risk consulting, healthcare planning and importantly, introduce employer plan managers into full cost transparency, procedure pricing variances and hospital value to achieve optimal member population health. Our industry changing “big-data” analytics technology is provided by Cedargate Technologies and Deerhold.

We help corporations, municipalities and school districts reduce population health risk, reverse trends, reduce healthcare and pharmacy costs while increasing quality of life for employees and dependents.

“Our systemic data collection provides employer plan managers with proven reasoning to better allocate their dollar expenditures to specifically target member prevention and ongoing health needs. Employers must understand price, quality, and their relation to place-of-service. Med-Vision leads an understanding to measure network “discounts” illuminating the relationship of cost & quality. We start by analyzing your vendor contracts looking for provisions enabling financial abuse. Please give us the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge of reducing costs while increasing member care.”

Dan Ross,

President, CEO of MedVision

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We utilize Cedargate’s “big-data” analytics to construct your custom data-lake translating member-specific health & Rx claims & biometric data into HIPAA compliant benchmarking & reporting. Our partnership with Deerhold provides employers with access to complete access to machine readable file data for insurance company network provider/hospital contracts and rates.

Risk Assessment & Business Intelligence

Employee Healthcare is the second highest balance sheet expense for employers. Most lack visibility into procedures purchased, the site of service and costs. Med-Vision utilizes Milliman’s MARA risk predictors to categorize member risk and evaluate point solutions.


Most employer plan sponsors are surprised to see 50% of their plan members only account for 2% of annual claims and 10% spend 70%. We help with strategies designed to prevent the 50% spending nothing from crossing the line into the 10% category accounting for 70% of plan expenditures.

Custom Solutions

Med-Vision data is independent from middleman manipulation thus allowing custom solutions to address actual risk from member populations. Contact us for advice on risk, monitoring, and solutions to mitigate cost while protecting against fiduciary class-action judgements.

Why People Trust Us

We work with your current insurance carrier and vendors to create a continuum of care. This ensures your health plan is working at optimal levels for your organization and for your employees. 

Med-Vision delivers technology to employers utilizing the same capabilities as Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. Instant “big-data” querying replacing database programming prior to query. Unlimited data storage, leading security, and point & click ease of use are standard from Med-Vision’s technology partners.

Many advisors claim analytics expertise, yet most are hindered by carrier & vendor relationships negatively influencing transparency. We have seen virtually all the tricks and scams employers become subject to via their vendor relationships. As an example, we discovered a client paying $5,200 per 30-day prescription for a generic cancer medication available to the public for $150. Our research finds employers overpay more than 30% for pharmacy administration.

Many employers fall into the annual trap of believing their plans are inadequately funded. Med-Vision maintains relationships with industry leading vendors focused exactly upon member care and value. As an example, many can move to transparent pharmacy administrators to save 30% and impact overall healthcare cost by a savings of 5%. Incentivizing members via zero deductibles and coinsurance, to utilize high-value surgery options can reduce procedure cost by 300%.

Med-Vision assures employers: “We have zero conflicts of interest.” Our only revenue comes directly from you. No hidden vendor compensation—We promise in writing. Be assured our advice is targeted to exactly conform to your needs.

The Process

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The Process

Begins with a close analysis of vendor contracts. Misinterpreted contract provisions will be facilitators of potential financial abuse. Then:

01. Analyzing Vendor Contracts, Financial and Clinical Reports

A review of existing contracts,  financial & clinical reporting. Will highlight potential contract financial abuse, trends and population disease states

02. Harnessing Historical Data

Aggregating as many years plan data as possible in analytics platform provides historical performance

03. Unveiling Cost and Disease Drivers

Risk stratify member populations to determine drivers of cost & disease

04. Addressing Disease Risk

Recommend point solutions to mitigate disease risk

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Vinay Mehindru, MD, MBA, Founder & CEO of Exemplary health

“Med Vision has shown a keen reliance on the main tenant of population based medical care. ‘High quality reduces costs’. Their member centric-technology, consulting and point solutions align with my Exemplary Health mission to:
‘Afford access to affordable superior quality integrated healthcare & wellness for the members we serve by leveraging predictive analytics and a robust network of patient-centric healtcare providers.’


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