Our Mission and Vision

Mission: Providing 20/20 Healthcare Vision

Med-Vision’s mission is to deliver the solutions that employer groups need. By reducing healthcare costs and improving quality of care, Med-Vision empowers employers to take better care of the people they employ. An industry pioneer in data-driven strategies, Med-Vision remains focused on interpreting site-specific data to:

  • Maximize efficiency through employee wellness
  • Increase profitability through risk management
  • Uphold accountability and put care back into healthcare

Vision: Strong workforces, strong companies, strong nation

Annual healthcare inflation (trends) is a leading indicator of poor quality care that can be mitigated. The good health of employees and their dependents is the strength of our communities and our nation’s future. Customized solutions provided by Med-Vision can improve the health of employees while reducing healthcare costs for employers. Med-Vision believes that these quality improvement strategies must be implemented, and, best of all, most strategies can be funded by reallocation of current plan assets. 

What we believe

Starting from the top, Med-Vision can help employers make employee wellness a priority and a dynamic part of business success.  We call it 20/20 Healthcare Vision because we offer a clear picture of how to achieve employee wellness as well as financial health. 

It begins with you - the individual.  You have the power to lower your health care costs by taking care of yourself first!  You know that the choices you make determine if you regain or maintain your own personal health.  It continues with you the employer.  You have the power to empower your employees to better health. If you provide opportunities at work to make better choices, then you will reap the benefit by having healthier, more productive employees.  If you invest in your greatest asset, your employees, you will save money short term and long term because healthy employees can do more, faster. 

You will reap the ultimate benefits of having clear-thinking and enthused individuals who can promote a positive company image. 



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20/20 Healthcare Vision

“The function of protecting and developing health must rank even above that of restoring it when it is impaired”