IMPROVE employee health, productivity, and morale

Wellness is more than an opportunity to improve employee health, it also is a business strategy for long term sustainability by lowering health care costs generated by illness and injury or by retaining quality employees. Employer health plans that include wellness initiatives have the potential to produce the highest return on investment (ROI) by achieving optimal employee productivity.

Data analytics to VALIDATE investments

Med-Vision leads the industry by utilizing clinical plan data to identify health plan cost drivers specific to each employer. This process provides strategic direction to more effectively target health promotion and disease management.

Med-Vision’s expert wellness professionals provide site specific, customizable assistance with strategic planning, wellness programs, implementation, health fairs, and follow-up evaluations to ensure you see results.

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A team approach to EFFECTIVE wellness programs

MedVision ClientsWellness committees produce effective leadership tools for membership health empowerment and communications. Our collaborations have resulted in great successes, including clients being nominated for "Healthiest Employer" awards. See picture to the left, celebrating Pasco County Schools' successes (click here for more details on the award).

Med-Vision can participate with your team to benefit the worksite wellness program through:

  • Assessment of prevention, intervention, disease management, risk management, and gap closure opportunities as evidenced in health claims data
  • Additional assessment of organization’s readiness for change through various tools such as culture audits, employee and management surveys, and focus groups
  • Identifying, compiling, and communicating integration opportunities for services currently being provided by supporting vendors/providers
  • Assistance with development of strategic plan to include goals, objectives, budget, and communications campaign based on data analytic discoveries
  • Assistance with development of active wellness committee and implementing strategic plans
  • Monitoring and measuring plan and program(s)
  • Facilitator/vendor recommendations for outsourced wellness programs or campaigns
  • Quarterly on-site educational presentations to complement intervention initiatives
  • Facilitate and support the ongoing effort to enhance your culture of wellness

Med-Vision empowers employers with customized wellness programs based on actual data.
Contact Med-Vision for a consultation on employee wellness or to discuss how Healthcare Reform will affect your wellness programs.

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Med-Vision’s wellness programs, Health Fairs, and other helpful resources.

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-Facility Saves $11 Million

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20/20 Healthcare Vision

“Because of the sheer number of hours people spend at work, employers are best positioned to advance health care. If employers placed a greater focus on workplace [health] prevention... retirees would enter their Medicare years with few chronic and costly diseases. Think of this as do-it-yourself health care reform...”  
-William Weldon, Chairman & CEO
Johnson & Johnson