Below you'll find several testimonials on behalf of Med-Vision.

“Med-Vision has been very helpful in giving us excellent data on our claims. We've used that data to determine what kind of disease management and wellness programs to run at our onsite health center. Connie Gee's wellness planning team is doing a wonderful job of working with our wellness committee to write our strategic plan. Med-Vision is not only helping us get a handle on the numbers, but also providing a strategic format for implementing the plan and breaking it up into set goals so that we can assign members of the wellness committee tasks according to everyone's strengths. It's so important because they are using our specific data to create a beautiful format to concentrate our efforts on where we have the most health claims and where we can do the most good for our employees.”

Mary Tillman, Dir. of Employee Benefits, Assistance & Risk Management, Pasco County School District
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"We've been working with Med-vision for the last couple of years on comprehensive data review and the implementation of value-added products for our medical plans including the Best Doctors medical review service and Biologics oncology management service. While our partnership with Med-vision has produced immediate returns, more importantly we believe it has positioned our program for sustainable success in future years…"

Steve Marcinko, Manager, Employee Health & Benefits, Sarasota County Government

"Med-Vision has provided a unique service niche in the data warehousing and analysis arena through the use of health claims data. Snyder's of Hanover has been pleased with the data results which have provided detailed information so that we may better target educational communications with our employee population. The data has provided further insight allowing us to better manage the health plan for our employees through plan design.  Dan Ross and the Med-Vision staff have been a pleasure to work with by providing further support and insight to assist moving Snyder's in the right direction to manage our health plan costs through clinical risk indicators."   

Penny Opalka, SPHR, CBP, CCP Manager, Benefits & Compensation, Snyders-Lance  

“The truth in healthcare is not about spending more, but in spending wisely. Med-Vision understands that using medical intelligence allows us to re-examine every level of a client’s healthcare plan and identify areas where a minimal investment will reap large rewards. Wasteful spending on inefficient or ineffective programs can be curtailed and money can be reinvested in ways that maximize access to quality care. With that goal in mind, we hired Med-Vision to help us build a path of relevant predictive modeling and innovative wellness strategies for our clients. FSAI, with Med-Vision’s help, has achieved a negative 5% loss ratio on our book of business.”   

Kathleen Sullivan EVP, Sales, Marketing and Account Management First Service Administrators, Inc.  


Client Success Stories

Learn How Med-Vision helped one organization save $11 million.

Manatee County Schools:

Take a minute to view a Video Clip wherein the Wellness Coordinator for the School District of Manatee County discusses how Med-Vision helped the District.

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Wellness Successes.

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“Because of the sheer number of hours people spend at work, employers are best positioned to advance health care. If employers placed a greater focus on workplace [health] prevention... retirees would enter their Medicare years with few chronic and costly diseases. Think of this as do-it-yourself health care reform...”  
-William Weldon, Chairman & CEO
Johnson & Johnson