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At Med-Vision, we strive for our clients to have access to the best possible healthcare and to ensure that qualified doctors review each medical case. In turn, the Best Doctors program is available to our client’s employees and their covered dependents. Recognized as “changing the face of American medicine” by CBS 60 Minutes, Best Doctors is the world’s leader in connecting people to the best care. Best Doctors is the only company that harnesses the knowledge of over 50,000 doctors identified by their peers as the best in their specialties. In step with Med-Vision’s mission, Best Doctors’ objectives are to:

  • Dramatically improve the quality of care for seriously ill plan members, responsible for the largest component of plan cost
  • Improve financial outcomes by assuring beneficiaries receive the right care the first time
  • Enhance the member perceived value of the benefits plan

The Best Doctors InterConsultation Program is an excellent employee benefit that helps improve the quality of care for employees and dependents by answering two critical questions:

  1. Is the diagnosis correct?
  2. What is the best treatment?
By utilizing Best Doctors services to link members to the nation’s finest physicians, Med-Vision can help clients reduce healthcare costs while increasing quality of care.

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