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Med-View is an affiliate corporation of Med-Vision. Med-View (www.med-view.net) is our proprietary healthcare tool used for analyzing health claims and identifying cost drivers. The data mining process provides strategic direction to more effectively target health promotion, wellness, and disease management programs.

Watch this clip to learn how magnifying health claims, biometric and HRA data is helping employers easily detect risks and cut costs. Dr. Scott Conard of ACAP Health Consulting explains the value of Med-Vision and Med-View. Our tools help employers investigate health plans and identify solutions for lowering costs



Med-View Technology

Reports from systems including:
  -Practice Management
-Insurance claims processing
-Disease management
-Utilization management
-Pharmacy claims management
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Med-View is an affiliate corporation of, Med-Vision. Our Med-View technology EMPOWERS employers with health data tools and analysis training.

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