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Cancer Management for Payors:
OncoSentrics™ from Biologics, Inc.

As part of Med-Vision's goal to support best-in-class healthcare, Med-Vision helps clients access the resources of Biologics, Inc., a leading cancer management company to manage the escalating costs of cancer care while elevating care for members.

Cancer is complex and one of the most costly disease states for a payor. Therapeutic options expand daily, becoming more personalized and encompassing multiple disciplines. On average, a plan may have a cancer incidence rate of only 1% of its member population; however, the cost of care for that small population can be 15% or more of a payor's annual health care spend.

Leveraging its singular focus on cancer since 1994, Biologics effectively manages cancer through a comprehensive, coordinated and longitudinal approach to optimize treatment, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs.

Biologics offers OncoSentrics™, a patient-centric comprehensive strategy for payors that is currently delivering a return on investment of more than 8:1. As your partner, Biologics serves as a sentry to watch over your cancer costs while elevating care for members and enhancing provider satisfaction.

Advantages of the OncoSentrics™ program include:

  • Improved satisfaction and optimal outcomes for members with cancer
  • Significant direct savings and reduction in avoidable costs
  • Physician approval
  • Access to Biologics Oncologist Advisory Board

By connecting clients to leading-edge partners, Med-Vision supports reduced employer health care costs while increasing quality of care for members. Call Med-Vision at 813-205-1577 for more information about disease management services and partners. Return to our Partners page.

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