Advisory Board

Richard T. Conard MD
Med-Vision Advisory Board Member, Advisor

Richard T. Conard MD has been an active contributor of innovations in the healthcare industry for over forty years. In addition to providing quality medical care, he has been at the forefront of the real estate development and operational successes of various health care facilities.

Dr. Conard is a graduate of the University of Florida School of Medicine, Gainesville, Florida. As a physician, Dr. Conard founded and led a high-volume medical practice in Bradenton, Florida, providing primary family care. Notably, he was also a partner and co-founder in the real estate development of and managing president of the 298 bed L.W. Blake Memorial Hospital that is a part of a 184 acre Medical Campus that he helped develop during the 1970's. Dr. Conard assisted in the planning and execution of the health care system, which included the hospital, development of a five-story, 70,000 square foot medical arts building, the development and management of the 120-bed nursing home and other health-related facilities associated with the medical campus.

Over the years, Dr. Conard has also formed a number of businesses and led successful organizations involved in elderly care and retirement housing. He has served as a member of the Florida Committee on Aging Task Force for Living Environments; a Delegate to the Governor's Conference on Aging; Past President of the Manatee County Medical Education Foundation; Past Director of the Florida Regional Medical Program; Past Consultant to the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; and a Provider Member of the Gulf Coast Comprehensive Health Planning Council.

Dr. Conard consults internationally on gerontological programs and healthcare issues affecting organizations, businesses, and government agencies. As a physician, lecturer and community activist, Dr. Conard brings invaluable insights to Med-Vision's Advisory Board.

Jeffrey A. Gasser
Med-Vision Advisory Board Member, Principal & Equity Owner

In addition to serving as an advisory board member of Med-Vision, Jeffrey A. Gasser is president of Gasser Consulting and executive vice president of Deerwalk, Inc. He is a nationally recognized healthcare expert serving as a principal and equity owner of Med-Vision, LLC. Jeffrey’s keen knowledge of healthcare analytics, coupled with his expertise in the healthcare provider’s world, brings nationally unique value to Med-Vision’s client concerns of healthcare cost and quality.

A graduate of the University of Tampa, Jeffrey began his career as a certified public accountant working primarily with healthcare clients. He proceeded to build over 30 years of diversified experience in all facets of healthcare and health benefits. As a healthcare analytics expert, he has been a co-founder of several companies in the healthcare industry and has served as a senior advisor to many others. His meticulous analysis of healthcare claims information has resulted in millions of dollars in employer savings.

With involvement in businesses ranging from home healthcare, to pediatric alternate site services to dialysis, Jeffrey recently co-founded D2Hawkeye, Inc., a healthcare analytics firm based in Waltham, Mass. He currently serves as a strategic advisor to the Oncology Management Services division of Biologics, Inc., which is based in Raleigh, N.C. Jeffrey also serves as a senior managed care advisor to PivotHealth, LLC, a physician consulting business in Brentwood, Tenn., and he is a senior advisor to Medicare Advantage Review Associates in Boston, Mass. Email Jeffrey at

Med-Vision Scott D. MacEwen
Med-Vision Advisory Board Member, Advisor

Scott MacEwen serves as an advisor to Med-Vision in addition to his role as Principal in Analytical Health Solutions, a healthcare consulting firm based in Charlotte, NC. Scott brings 25 years of experience as an advisor in the disciplines of data analytics, underwriting, operational effectiveness and vendor management.

Prior to his current role with Analytical Health Solutions, Scott was President and COO of Kanawha Healthcare Solutions (KHS), a national third-party administrator based in Lancaster, SC. There, he led efforts in the use of predictive modeling, focused on closing gaps in quality of care compliance, resulting in a study on over $60 million showing reduction of greater than 9% in allowed costs. Scott was involved in all medical management outreach program development, vendor contract negotiations and their associated operational implementation at KHS. He also led efforts with area health systems and provider groups to implement private labeled community based global capitation programs.

Scott’s earlier career included work with United HealthCare, managing large account sales and performing underwriting for national accounts.

Scott’s financial, sales and operational background with national carriers and Third Party Administrators provides a unique perspective for Med-Vision. Scott is a graduate of Clarion University and can be reached at

Med-Vision Susan Scherer, RN, BSN, OCN
Med-Vision Advisory Board Member, Advisor

Susan Scherer's medical career spans over 24 years. Her experience ranges from working in trauma, diagnostic coding, neurological, medical and surgical intensive care units, neurological-oncology, endocrine cancer and disorders to oncological emergency medicine. Not only did she work in England for the National Health Service at Ipswich Trust Hospital for 2 years, Susan has traveled the globe attending and participating in oncology research and acquiring an extensive oncology education learning the latest cancer treatments, best practices with emphasis in patient education and advocacy.

Susan received her Bachelors in Science of Nursing at the University of South Florida, where she serves on their alumni board. She holds certifications in Oncology Nursing and Advanced Cardiac Life Support as has been a national speaker on various radio programs discussing cancer patient advocacy. Susan was employed by Moffitt Cancer Center from 2004-2012 where she served on various committees improving patient and nursing processes.

Susan Scherer has since founded RN Cancer Guides in July 2013 which would allow her to have a greater impact on cancer care for patients and their families by breaking down the financial, medical and emotional barriers that she had witnessed firsthand throughout her 24 years. By appreciating and utilizing the intellectual capital and experience of oncology certified nurses, she is able to not only reach private patients but impact corporate by developing the first known ECAP™ (Employee Cancer Assistance Program) in existence.

Out of a growing need for oral oncology chemotherapy education, she developed and designed RN Cancer Guides' Patient Medication Compliance Program. Susan can be reached directly at

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